Spring has Arrived!

Chinese Medicine strongly emphasizes the effects of seasonal changes on our health.
spring-acupuncture michigan
Spring is the season for cleansing, growing, and movement — mirrored by the blossoms that begin to bud, the growth of greenery around us, and the sunshine to provide nutrients for the trees and for our well-being. The liver & gall bladder pathways in Chinese medicine is associated with spring. Therefore, the emotions tied to these channels express themselves more intensely. During this season many tend to feel: frustrated or irritated more easily.
Movement: In order to release these emotions and feel more balanced more movement such as exercise is very important.
Spring diet emphasizes including: Leafy greens like dandelion, baby greens, chard, lettuces, sprouts, and arugula all have powerful Liver/Gall Bladder purifying qualities, and can be easily incorporated into your diet. Apple cider vinegar and lemon are also crucial to move bile, especially taken in warm water first thing in the morning. Mint tea is also a powerful addition to move stagnant emotions and energy.
CLEANSING: SPRING CLEANING! There is also Chinese roots in this idea. Spring is the time to cleanse and detox. Not only with physical detoxification, but also through cleansing your personal space. Whether it is getting rid of clothes or office clutter. Start to look and get rid of the old and useless. A cleaner more organized space allows for a clearer mind and easier transition toward spring.
All these ideas allow for optimal health during the spring season!